At last, now you can eliminate graffiti in less than 4 minutes & do the job once & once only.

Smart Graffiti have developed innovative products that are unique & totally effective in the fight against graffiti removal. You will benefit from the quality of service & expertise you’d expect from a company with more than 20 years’ experience in the graffiti removal industry. We offer a complete line of products that remove graffiti from any exterior & interior surface quickly & completely, without changing or damaging the surface.

In more than 75% of situations our products work with a single application, & generally they only take 1 to 2 minutes to work – in fact you can actually see the product working while you wait. If you have a graffiti problem & not sure if it can be removed, just contact us & we’ll advise you. All Smart Graffiti products & company systems, practices & procedures embrace & fully comply with government legislation & guidelines, including both CHIP & REACH European safety requirements. We also do not try & supply you with expensive & often unnecessary equipment – as our products do the work for you. We only supply graffiti removal products & do not remove graffiti ourselves. Please click on the PRODUCTS tab to view our range of graffiti removers, Anti Graffiti Coatings, Acrylic Paint, Graffiti Removal Kits & Accessories. Alternately, please click on the photograph below which matches your sector. The choice of product for a particular situation requires consideration of the substrate, type of graffiti, age of graffiti & localised circumstances. Smart Graffiti's team of experts are constantly available to advise clients on the company's range of exclusive products.

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Graffiti removal from red brick using ELITE graffiti remover